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About Me

Hi, I’m Laura. I have been running since the age of 6. I have competed at orienteering my whole life, even when I was really small I would be carried round the string course in the baby carrier by my dad. I have competed at national and regional level orienteering both at major competitions within the UK and competing for England in France at Interland 2019. I have also trained for a number of years with Harriers and developed my running through that. My role in Peak Coaching is to ensure all clients have their needs met, help with appointments and any questions any clients have. I’m currently studying Sport and Exercise Science at Sheffield Hallam University so I’m available to help where I can.


My Achievements

Run for England at Interland Orienteering 2019

Why I Started Peak Coaching

I wanted to be involved with Peak Coaching because I wanted to help others with my knowledge and experience. I understand that training can be difficult and sometimes hard to motivate yourself. I have made so many excuses in the past and lacked motivation and I still have those down days but I want to try and help be a driving force for clients to achieve the results they didn’t know possible.



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