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Plans and Prices
  • All of our Plans can range for any duration of time to suit your needs and because of this we can charge either weekly or monthly depending on what suits you best!


  • All of our Plans come with 24/7 email communication so that we can answer any questions that you may have and you can keep us up to date on your progress!


  • All of our Plans come with a nutrition and strength and conditioning leaflet with tips and tricks to help you along the way to reaching your maximum potential!


  • All Skype calls included in any of your programmes will last for a duration of 30 minutes!


Number Of Skype Meetings

Weekly Cost

(For The Duration Of The Plan)

Monthly Cost

(For The Duration Of The Plan)

One Initial Skype Meeting + Training Plan

£2.50 £10.00
Monthly Skype Meeting + Training Plan £5.00 £20.00
Fortnightly Skype Meetings + Training Plan £7.50 £30.00
Weekly Skype Meetings + Training plan £10.00 £40.00




Page updated: March 16 2021
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